De Prooi - Leader

Leader: De Prooi (Television Mini-Series; 3 x 50 min.)
Client: Planet X FX
Director: Theu Boermans
Producer: VARA /IDTV Drama

De Prooi (The Pefect Prey) is a Dutch television series based on the bestselling novel by Jeroen Smit. It tells the story of the rise and fall of Dutch banker Rijkman Groenink, and the downfall of the Dutch bank ABN Amro.  

The leader shows Rijkman Groenink (Pierre Bokma in an award-winning performance) hunting a stag against the surreal, dreamlike background of a deserted dealing room. Planet X FX was approached to create the leader using a CG deer. The initial idea, by director Theu Boermans, was set in a real-life dealing room and featured a photorealistic stag. This proved to be too much of a productional challenge, so a more graphical approach was suggested. 

Joscha was asked by Planet X FX to storyboard the leader, and to help develop extra ideas using the concept of the director. One of Joscha's suggestions, that was used in the final leader, was to include a reference to St. Hubertus:

On Good Friday morning, when the faithful were crowding the churches, Hubertus went out hunting. As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, the animal turned and Hubertus saw a crucifix standing between its antlers, while he heard a voice saying: "Hubert, unless thou turnest to the Lord, and leadest an holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into hell".

In the legend, St. Hubertus gives up his sins after perceiving this godly warning. In this leader, Rijkman receives a similar omen, involving the logo of ABN Amro. His reaction is very different.

During this project Joscha storyboarded different versions of the leader and assisted in the development of new ideas that ended up in the leader. He pitched the storyboard to the production team and was also asked to be present at following production-meetings and the actual shoot. He closely cooperated with Visual Effects Director Dennis Kleyn and Typographer Donald Roos.

Below is a storyboard /still comparison, the full leader can be seen here.