Video: Het Oanje Kruis - Driving Test

"Je moet het wel ├ęcht kunnen!"
Online Video: Het Oranje Kruis
Client: Holy Fools
Director: Jelle de Jonge

A driving instructor sees his pupil off for the final test, lo and behold the examinator turns out to be the instructor's macho alter-ego. Although this initially seems to be a pretty sweet deal for the pupil we soon find out why it might be preferable to not have your instructor do your test. And that's exactly why Het Oranje Kruis offers an independent first aid exam. Because in the end, you really have to know how to do it.

Joscha drew the shootingboard for this video, that is used on the Het Oranje Kruis website. Below are some stills from the final video, the full video can be viewed here.