Commercial: DubbelFrisss - Dronedog

COMMERCIAL: DubbelFrisss
CLIENT: Holy Fools
DIRECTOR: Toon Aerts

A young dude who can't choose between walking his dog or flying his drone, a cool girl who wants to race a kart but would also love to go paint-balling... In this world, where it is so hard to choose luckily you can count on-- Comboman!

Comboman preaches to do as many things as you can. Why choose one, if you can combine two? Just as DubbelFriss Icetea combines fruit-drink and iced tea.

Joscha drew shootingboards for two commercials featuring Comboman. These boards for Dronedog were partially based on existing stoyboards that were drawn by Emanuel Wiemans.

Below are stills from the dronedog commercial, that can be viewed here.