Media Markt: Gekkenhuis

"Het is weer gekkenhuis bij Media Markt!"
Commercial: Media Markt
Client: Holy Fools
Director: Toon Aerts

Once a year the Dutch Media Markt stores turn into a real madhouse. During these crazy days you can get even better deals, and there is a wide selection of products, other than the usual electronics.

For this commercial, featuring Media Markt's Man who lives in the Media Markt, the task was to come up with the most insane gags using the crazy selection of products. From official footballs to luxurious beds and bespoke suits.

For this commercial Joscha drew multiple versions of the storyboard incorporating a number of gags. Because time was short and there were many ideas Joscha had to draw very fast, rough storyboards in a way to find the best ideas. These ideas were then cleaned up in the final storyboard. The panels above are a selection from the different versions and include elements that didn't make the final commercial.