McDonald's: Good Times Island

"Willen jullie het hier opeten... of op een tropisch eiland?"
Commercial: McDonald's Nederland
Client: Wefilm
Director: Roel Welling

Imagine ordering a burger at a McDonald's drive-thru when you're asked if you'll be eating it it there in your car, or on a tropical island . . . A number of unsuspecting Dutch McDrive visitors were surprised with just this question. If they answered they'd like to go for the second option they were then snatched up by a helicopter and taken to the magical place that is Good Times Island: a tropical island --in the Netherlands! 

Because this was a true candid-camera production there was a lot of planning to be done in the storyboards. The production involved helicopters, boats, cars and drones and the film was shot with multiple cameras both on land, and from drones. To make sure that all the right angles would be covered Joscha did multiple versions of the storyboard and also helped out drawing detailed plans of the various locations and camera set-ups. 

Below are some stills from the final commercial, that can be seen in full here