Feature Film: De Tand des Tijds

For the second half of 2017 Joscha has been storyboarding for the animated feature film De Tand des Tijds which is being produced by Rotterdam based animation studio Ka-Ching Cartoons.

Every year the Dutch public broadcasters produce a series of Telefilms, feature films produced to be broadcasted on one of the three Dutch public tv channels. Ka-Ching Cartoons is currently working on the very first animated Telefilm: De Tand des Tijds (The Tooth of Time).

De Tand des Tijds tells the story of Meester Menno, a teacher who bores his class with his endless history lectures. But when Menno 'discovers' an ancient talisman, he opens the portals of time and three of his students are thrown into an exciting adventure.

Joscha has joined the story team on this feature film, which is being directed by Erik Verkerk and Joost van den Bosch. De Tand des Tijds is being produced by Ka-Ching Cartoons and The Film Kitchen, and will be released in 2019 by AVROTROS.