Pucker (Kreukel)

Pucker is a young, playful dog who lives with his best friend. At least that’s how he sees it . . . 

It never occurs to Pucker that this “best friend” (his owner, a middle-aged man who likes to keeps his expensive, designer interior spotless) might in fact not enjoy his antics. When Pucker destroys a beloved (and very expensive) sculpture his owner puts him out on the street. Of course Pucker thinks he’s just going on a vacation and he embarks (pun very much intended) on a fantastic adventure.

Pucker is based on the beloved Dutch children’s book Kreukel, written and illustrated by Loes Riphagen. This storyboard was done for BosBros, a Dutch production company, that considered making a short based on the book. The character designs were based on the illustrations from the book.

Digital storyboard with Photoshop. 

Click on the first image to view the whole sequence in the lightbox picture viewer. You can move through it by clicking the panels or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.