Commercial: GamePoint - Play Bingo




"Gelukkig kun je ook online bingo├źn!"
Commercial: GamePoint
Client: Dr Barefoot
Director: Joris Dommels

It's fun to play bingo -but there are times when the facilities of the bingo hall are lacking. And at those moments it is good to know that you can also play bingo online: from the comfort of your own home. With GamePoint you can play online bingo for free, without the disturbances of a bingo hall.

Joscha drew shootingboards for these commercials, that illustrate the different distractions and problems that you might encounter at your local bingo venue. There were three scenarios, all of which were drawn out as storyboards by Joscha, in one day. The first two commercials have aired on Dutch TV and are now online here and here. The third video will air at a later time.

Below is a selection of stills from the first two commercials: