Animated Feature Film: The Test of Time

Feature Film: De Tand des Tijds (The Test of Time)
Client: Ka-Ching Cartoons
Director: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk

The Dutch Telefilms are a yearly series of television features, that have garnered international praise because of their high quality.  The 82 minute The Test of Time is the very first animated Telefilm.

It tells the story of the young Sam who is having a tough time at school because his boring teacher Menno also happens to be his father. In a desperate attempt to spice up his lessons Menno steals an ancient relic that allows him to bring historical figures into the classroom. But after a promising start, with musical lessons by Mozart and art classes by Van Gogh, things quickly go wrong when Menno gets abducted by the pirate captain Haaie Tiese. Together with two of his classmates Sam has to travel through time to rescue his father and save history!

For this animated feature Joscha storyboarded a large number of sequences. The images shown here are only a small selection of the 1000's of panels that he drew for the film.