My Little Pony: A New Generation - Beat Boards

The city of Maretime Bay has lost all its electrical power when the earth ponies' magic stone topped working. Sunny, the main character of the film, believe her actions caused the stone to lose its power. Alone at home she reflects on the things that happened, when she notices the reflection of the unicorns' magic stone. Determined to make things right she sets out to 'borrow' the unicorn stone, while she sings a song about how her life ill change once she fixes everybody's problems. 

These beat boards were done after the first screening of the film. The directors and the story team were trying out different things to improve the story. These beat boards were a suggestion for a song. This didn't make it into the film, but a variation of the confrontation between Sprout and Hitch in the sheriff's office is still in there. 

Digital storyboards drawn in Photoshop. 

Click on the first image to view the whole sequence in the lightbox picture viewer. You can move through it by clicking the panels or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.