The Supporting Act

For weeks a 10 year old girl has been practicing her dance moves in preparation for the Christmas performance at her school. She is very dedicated and works on her moves everywhere she goes. Her single father has to work very hard, but still he tries to be there for his daughter. Even if he doesn’t fully get her passion for dancing.

When she has a black-out at the big night of her performance, all her practice pays off but not in the way she expected. It turns out her father has memorized her moves, and he finds a way to save her act . . .

This was an assignment for the Amsterdam based Blender Animation Studio. A storyboard done as part of a pitch for a national British television channel. Unfortunately another studio was selected to produce this Christmas ident which will air in 2017. 

This is the storyboard for the final sequence of the short.

Digital storyboard with Photoshop. 

Click on the first image to view the whole sequence in the lightbox picture viewer. You can move through it by clicking the panels or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.