Commercial: Christine le Duc /Adam et Eve

"What's most sexy about her? . . . her confidence."
Commercial: Christine le Duc /Adam et Eve
Client: Peer Media

When the youngest lawyer working at a prestigious law firm impresses everybody with her stunning presentation, one of her older colleagues wonders where she gets the confidence. We find out just where she gets it when she goes home and takes of her work clothes. . . Storyboards from an unused concept for a commercial for the tantalizing lingerie brand Christine le Duc. (Known as Adam et Eve in France)

Below is a selection of panels from a second storyboard that Joscha drew, for the concept that was used for the final commercial. This commercial is broadcast both on Dutch and French television, and can be seen here.

Media Markt: Gekkenhuis

"Het is weer gekkenhuis bij Media Markt!"
Commercial: Media Markt
Client: Holy Fools
Director: Toon Aerts

Once a year the Dutch Media Markt stores turn into a real madhouse. During these crazy days you can get even better deals, and there is a wide selection of products, other than the usual electronics.

For this commercial, featuring Media Markt's Man who lives in the Media Markt, the task was to come up with the most insane gags using the crazy selection of products. From official footballs to luxurious beds and bespoke suits.

For this commercial Joscha drew multiple versions of the storyboard incorporating a number of gags. Because time was short and there were many ideas Joscha had to draw very fast, rough storyboards in a way to find the best ideas. These ideas were then cleaned up in the final storyboard. The panels above are a selection from the different versions and include elements that didn't make the final commercial.

Commercial: Media Markt - Rio Deals

"Sportgoedkope aanbiedingen waar je voor thuis blijft!"
Commercial: Media Markt
Client: Holy Fools
Director: Toon Aerts

After preparing for four years, the man who lives in the Media Markt is ready to go to the Olympic Games in Brasil -only to discover that Media Markt has already brought Rio to their stores! With the Olympic spirit and sporting prices to match.

For this commercial Joscha did an initial shooting board based on the existing script. After this first pass there were multiple adjustments and a number of gags that had to be drawn.

Below are some stills from the final commercial that can bee seen in full here.

Commercial: DubbelFrisss - Dronedog

COMMERCIAL: DubbelFrisss
CLIENT: Holy Fools
DIRECTOR: Toon Aerts

A young dude who can't choose between walking his dog or flying his drone, a cool girl who wants to race a kart but would also love to go paint-balling... In this world, where it is so hard to choose luckily you can count on-- Comboman!

Comboman preaches to do as many things as you can. Why choose one, if you can combine two? Just as DubbelFriss Icetea combines fruit-drink and iced tea.

Joscha drew shootingboards for two commercials featuring Comboman. These boards for Dronedog were partially based on existing stoyboards that were drawn by Emanuel Wiemans.

Below are stills from the dronedog commercial, that can be viewed here.