Commercial: GamePoint - Play Bingo




"Gelukkig kun je ook online bingo├źn!"
Commercial: GamePoint
Client: Dr Barefoot
Director: Joris Dommels

It's fun to play bingo -but there are times when the facilities of the bingo hall are lacking. And at those moments it is good to know that you can also play bingo online: from the comfort of your own home. With GamePoint you can play online bingo for free, without the disturbances of a bingo hall.

Joscha drew shootingboards for these commercials, that illustrate the different distractions and problems that you might encounter at your local bingo venue. There were three scenarios, all of which were drawn out as storyboards by Joscha, in one day. The first two commercials have aired on Dutch TV and are now online here and here. The third video will air at a later time.

Below is a selection of stills from the first two commercials:

De Ondergang van de van Imhoff (Documentary Series)

Documentary Series: The Doom of the Van Imhoff
Client: Episode One
Directors: Foeke de Koe & Kees Schaap

The three part documentary series De ondergang van de Van Imhoff (The doom of the Van Imhoff) tries to uncover the horrible history of the Dutch ship Van Imhoff. The Van Imhoff was lost at sea after being attacked by Japanese warplanes in 1942. At the time of the attack the ship was transporting German civilians who were taken prisoner because of the war. After the ship was hit the Dutch crew saved themselves but left the prisoners to fend for themselves. Of the 477 Germans on board only 65 survived.

When a Dutch filmmaker in 965 made a film about this dark page in modern Dutch history, the government intervened. The film was never aired, and has since been lost and the filmmaker was fired from his job. In 2017 documentary-makers Foeke de Koe en Kees Schaap set out to find out what happened in 1942, and why it was so important for the Dutch government in 1965 to keep these events hidden from the public.

They approached VFX studio Planet X to find a way to bring the horrific events of this disaster to the screen. Together with the directors, VFX supervisor Dennis Kleyn and director of photography Dennis Wielaert, Joscha worked out a series of storyboards that depicted all the required sequences that needed to be reenacted and /or digitally recreated.  

In this video VFX supervisor Dennis Kleyn explains how they went about recreating a ship that has been lost since 1942. It also highlights the importance of the storyboards. [Dutch]

Feature Film: De Tand des Tijds

For the second half of 2017 Joscha has been storyboarding for the animated feature film De Tand des Tijds which is being produced by Rotterdam based animation studio Ka-Ching Cartoons.

Every year the Dutch public broadcasters produce a series of Telefilms, feature films produced to be broadcasted on one of the three Dutch public tv channels. Ka-Ching Cartoons is currently working on the very first animated Telefilm: De Tand des Tijds (The Tooth of Time).

De Tand des Tijds tells the story of Meester Menno, a teacher who bores his class with his endless history lectures. But when Menno 'discovers' an ancient talisman, he opens the portals of time and three of his students are thrown into an exciting adventure.

Joscha has joined the story team on this feature film, which is being directed by Erik Verkerk and Joost van den Bosch. De Tand des Tijds is being produced by Ka-Ching Cartoons and The Film Kitchen, and will be released in 2019 by AVROTROS.

McDonald's: Good Times Island

"Willen jullie het hier opeten... of op een tropisch eiland?"
Commercial: McDonald's Nederland
Client: Wefilm
Director: Roel Welling

Imagine ordering a burger at a McDonald's drive-thru when you're asked if you'll be eating it it there in your car, or on a tropical island . . . A number of unsuspecting Dutch McDrive visitors were surprised with just this question. If they answered they'd like to go for the second option they were then snatched up by a helicopter and taken to the magical place that is Good Times Island: a tropical island --in the Netherlands! 

Because this was a true candid-camera production there was a lot of planning to be done in the storyboards. The production involved helicopters, boats, cars and drones and the film was shot with multiple cameras both on land, and from drones. To make sure that all the right angles would be covered Joscha did multiple versions of the storyboard and also helped out drawing detailed plans of the various locations and camera set-ups. 

Below are some stills from the final commercial, that can be seen in full here