Last Supper (From: A Death)

These boards were based on the Stephen King short story A DeathThe story is about a sheriff in a small town in South Dakota, somewhere in the late 1800's. There has been a horrific murder of a young girl and there are strong clues pointing to the not-so-bright farmer's son Jim Trusdale as the killer. Everybody in town thinks he is guilty but the sheriff has his doubts . . . 

This is a scene towards the end of the story. Jim has been found guilty after a fast trial and is to be be hanged in the morning. The sheriff has bought him a decent last meal and tries one more time to find out if Jim might remember something that might prove
 his innocence. 

Digital storyboard with Photoshop.

Click on the first image to view the whole sequence in the lightbox picture viewer. You can move through it by clicking the panels or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.